List and a Game

This is a compound post: it has a list and a game.

List: Top Five Reasons Why Asian Airlines Are Better Than American Airlines

5. The stewardesses look nicer – They really do.  Asian stewardesses remind me of what American stewardesses were in the 1960’s.  They wear pretty suit dresses, scarves, combs in their hair, etc.  They look so fancy.  They make me want to be a stewardess.  But then every time I feel sick on a plane I decide that I should let that dream die.  I tried to be incognito about snapping a picture on the plane, but it didn’t work.  Therefore I borrowed one from Google images.  But this is legitimately the kind of thing these women were wearing.  This might even be the same uniform.

korean air stewardesses

4. The stewardesses ARE nicer.  And smarter. – Again, I realize this is a sweeping generalization.  I’ve been on a lot of domestic flights, however, and I’ve never had better service than on my flight from Korea to Japan.  The stewardesses were all bowing and smiling and speaking perfectly in a million languages.  Like, what is that?!  How do they know all of these languages?  One of them talked to the girl next to me in Japanese, then turned to me and said “Hello, would you care to try a sandwich?”  And her English was great with everything she said, and it almost sounded like she didn’t have an accent.  Also, she was talking to the Korean passengers in Korean.  As I was watching, all of the stewardesses could do that.  Is that standard for working on an Asian airline or something?  It was way cool to watch.

3. The plane looks better – The atmosphere on the plane felt inviting and fancy.  You know how American airplanes smell like canned air and bad breath?  And when you go sit down, the seats are kind of gritty and you cringe when you think of what grimy people sat there before you?  Well, this plane was clean.  And it smelled good.  And it had little lacy things on the seat backs, like I was about to recline over at Grandma’s house or something.

2. Movies and TV even on short flights – I’ve only ever had movie options on a flight that would be over six hours.  For my two hour flight today, the screen on the seat in front of me had TONS of options.  Movies, TV shows, games, etc.  They also has language options for all of the aforementioned categories.  I watched Mythbusters (in English, of course).

1. Food even on short flights – This one’s self explanatory.  I love food.  For a two hour flight, we got a full boxed lunch with a sandwhich, a pasta side, a package of crackers, a pineapple chunk, and a yogurt.  You KNOW that would have cost at least $12 on an American plane.  Actually, it probably wouldn’t have been offered on such a short flight.

I had a fairly good flight to Tokyo.  I fell asleep partway through, and that flight must have been the smoothest ever because I didn’t wake up until literally the plane touched down on the ground.  Then I woke up REALLY fast, because feeling your plane run into something has a way of putting your senses on high alert.  I jumped and gasped, and I think I really freaked  out the Japanese girl next to me.  Ha ha.  Oh well.  She’s just going to go tell all of her friends that Americans are spastic and jumpy.  If a few years from now you hear that as a stereotype, we can theorize that it started with me on today’s flight.

On the bus outside of the plane that took us to the airport terminal, I saw a family with blue passports and American accents.  YAY!  MY NEW BEST FRIENDS!  I went and talked to them, and they’re from Milwaukee.  Small world, huh?

When I met up with the rest of the KCC fellows, we went out to eat at a Ramen place.  It was delicious.  The teachers were all talking about the grants they’ve done.  One guy has done THIRTY of these trips.  Obviously I’m going to have to learn how he does that, because this experience is something that I definitely care to repeat.


Okay, now for the game.  I played it by myself, but I’m sharing it with you.  It’s called: Things You Don’t Find in an American Hotel Room.  I have my own room here (wooot!), and there’s some interesting stuff that I haven’t seen in hotel rooms before today.  Here’s what I found:

1. You put your hotel key into a slot to turn the lights on.  You don’t have to put it into a slot in the door at all – you just press it against the door pad and it unlocks.  Then you walk inside and slide it into the slot to turn on the lights.  I think this might be to save energy – you have to take your key with you when you leave, so theoretically you won’t leave the lights on.


2. This toilet.  Okay, I realize this is the second day in a row I’ve had a toilet in a blog post.  I promise I’m not obsessed with toilets or anything, but weird toilets are worth noting.  I was studying all of these buttons on the side to figure out how to flush the ridiculous thing, but then I realized that on top of the toilet is a normal flusher. *facepalm*



3. The teachings of Buddha.  I’ve never seen this in a hotel before.  I was surprised to see a New Testament as well.  Isn’t Japan largely Shinto?


4. A tea set and kettle. This is awesome – I’m definitely going to use it.  I think this is the equivalent of a coffee maker in an American hotel.  I hate coffee, and I love tea.  Hooray for Japan!


5. Asian TV – Okay, this one’s obvious. I watched the weather (one of the only things that makes sense if you can’t understand anything they say), and it was cool because the weather lady had a pink magic-wand looking item to point to things (click on the picture to see it bigger).  I want Keith Thompson on Channel 3 back home to get one of those.  Maybe I’ll get him one as a souvenir.  Also, I didn’t snap the picture quickly enough, but the map that has sun and clouds and rain on it had all of these cartoony looking icons for weather types.  It looked like MarioKart characters or something.


6. Nightgown and slippers –   I’ve never had a nightgown provided for me before.  It’s white and long and really comfortable.  It was folded nicely on the bed when I got here.  And the slippers are alllmost big enough for my feet (shocking considering we’re in Asia.  If Cinderella was a real person, she was definitely Asian.  All of their feet are TINY)

6.  This thing.  I still don’t know what this is.  I thought it might be a mini-fridge, but the front doesn’t come off (and I already have a mini-fridge).  It’s not an air-conditioner, because a thermostat on the wall controls the air.  Ummm…what is it?  If you know, please comment on this post (Aunt Eileen? Cid? Max?  Does somebody know?).


I’ll keep exploring tomorrow, but I have to get to bed.  I can’t wait to start learning more about this awesome country!


3 thoughts on “List and a Game

  1. Konnichiwa Christine! Uncle Craig and I are enjoying reading your blog. You’ve had quite the cultural experience in such a short time.
    As for your question about the strange unit that piques your curiosity, my best guess is it’s an electrical unit of some sort. Maybe it houses wi-fi or connecting cords for electronic devices? A circuit breaker box? Ask someone at the front desk and let us know.
    Your bathroom is so Americanized. Hurray for Western toilets!
    Glad you are having a great time.


  2. Ok, so I’m going to call you out in your own blog… You have used a key for the lights before! It was in San Diego when we went with Kyle and Alex!! Your room seems great and yay for getting your own room!!


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