One Day in D.C.

Someday I will write a blog post while not sitting in an airport.

That day is not today.

This time I’m coming to you from Washington Dulles, where I’m waiting to board my flight to Frankfurt.  I flew to D.C. yesterday and met up with the group of teachers with whom I will be spending my next two weeks.  They seem really fun, and I think we’re in for a good time.  Yesterday we did some orientation activities and discussed the logistics of our trip.  At one point our leader was discussing food and said, “We won’t be eating at any seafood restaurants because honestly, I hate seafood.”  I literally cheered out loud.  People looked at me funny (oops), but who cares?  I was so excited to hear that my life is fish-free for the foreseeable future.  Bring on the bratwurst.

Our hotel was very old-fashioned and vintage looking but with all modern amenities.  It was beautiful, and I wish we could have stayed there for more than one night.  Here’s a picture of the lobby:


After our orientation and dinner, some of the teachers decided to do some exploring in Washington DC.  I asked one of the teachers where the group was going, and she said, “To find an adventure!”  “Perfect,” I responded.  “That’s my favorite place to go.”

We found the White House, which is pretty touristy but still fun.  We did some city exploring before turning in early because we had to be up early for more orientation this morning.  This morning we heard a great lecture about the German education system.  I feel like I already learned a ton, and I haven’t even left the states yet.  We had a short afternoon break where a few of the girls and I went to Chinatown (I thought I’d had enough of Asia for a while, but apparently not).  We also went to the portrait gallery and saw some famous American portraits.  I think my grandma would have had a better appreciation of the art than I did, but I still had a good time.





Now we’re sitting in the airport, and my new Canadian friend Robin and I have decided that our husbands are secretly twins separated at birth.  Robin’s husband works at Cabela’s, loves hunting and fishing, loves hunting dogs, loves remote camping, and hates traveling internationally so he’s happy that Robin is going without him.  Sound familiar?  I think Rex and I may have a Canadian road trip in our future…


The next time I write to you, I’ll be in Germany!  Aufweiderzein!


4 thoughts on “One Day in D.C.

  1. Robin’s husband sounds like a neat guy! I’m thinking that road trip should involve hunting. Hey Robin’s husband – here’s the plan: you guys can come down here and hunt my spots as long as when we head up there I get to hunt your spots. Now that that’s settled I hope you girls enjoy your adventures!

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